Why GrowMyKudi

Nearly 80 percent of millennials are not invested in the stock market, according to a new Harris poll commissioned by investing app Stash. Why? More than 40 percent said they feel they don't have enough money, 34 percent said they don't know how, while 13 percent specifically blamed student debt.

The InfoWARE finance virtual simulation/ Game will provide a platform where millennials and investment enthusiast get valid investment education, place virtual trade and have fun. It is an interesting way of learning to make money with a virtual portfolio using real time data. They also get to grow their portfolio with a feel of the real stock market.

The benefits that comes with this includes, a real-time experience of an actual stock market environment, Valid “What if’s” experiments/analysis, an easier way to learn about stocks and prepare for investment using a real environment. It is a simple user friendly SUDO platform that is easy to navigate. You will have a splendid time on it.

Career Benefits

  • Career Benefits: The simulation is a step by step process for building a portfolio of a stock analyst. If you become successful, it is an added advantage to your resume or career path.